Divinity: Original Sin 2


Steam Early Access
Year: 2017
Platform: PC
Tools: Divinity Engine, JIRA

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a classic RPG set in the Divinity universe and a successor to the critically acclaimed Divinity: Original Sin. In the game players can create a character and recruit up to 3 companions to assist in the adventure. The game features a robust character creation system, new races and background stories,  pen and paper freedom, 4 player co-op, tactical and challenging combat, a dark and deep storyline, elemental interactions and the addition of an Arena and Game Master mode.


I joined the team at Larian Studios a few weeks before the launch of Early Access as a level design intern and worked on most levels present in the game. Some I built from the ground up, others I have iterated upon or tweaked until completion. After my internship I officially joined the team as a level designer until the launch of the game in September 2017. My main roles were designing interesting levels, sketching them out or creating rough whiteboxes with terrain sculpting and the use of asset placement. I worked closely with scripters, writers, combat designers, audio designers and artists to ensure that everyone's vision was coming together in the world that I was building. Mediating the communication between the teams was one of my key roles. I would iterate upon these levels and prepare triggers, basic lighting and decoration for my colleagues, who would then finalize the levels.