Year: 2015
Platform: Wii U
Tools: Unity, Adobe Photoshop, TortoiseSVN, Word

School Project created over the span of 21 working days during my second study year. Overrun is a 3 versus 1 Twinstick shooter for the Wii U. The hivemind controls enemy spawnpoints via the gamepad and can use devastating attacks when charged. The hivemind protects two cores within the level. The three other players play as colonists and have to destroy the cores within a certain time frame. It was a very interesting project as our game made use of the Wii U gamepad and tackled 3v1 design.


I functioned as both system and level designer during the early phase of the game. Concepting and designing gameplay while sketching early map ideas. Later, I became full time level designer, creating a level in Unity with modular assets. I did some of the worldbuilding as well due to the nature of the modular process. We tested several different type of levels (small/big, open/linear) and ended up with a small semi-linear level. The cores are at parallel distance of each other. Upon reaching the first core, players can choose to move forward or backtrack. Both paths lead to the second core. This keeps the map objective clear while still allowing tactical gameplay from both players and hivemind.