Will of the Gods


Released on Steam!
Year: 2016
Platform: PC
Tools: Unreal Engine 4, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Perforce

Award winning Global Game Jam game created in 48 hours with six people that we later released on Steam. Will of the Gods is a multiplayer game in which two gods (players) compete for the devotion of mortals. The gods can use wind to guide their followers to their shrine. With lightning, targets on the map will scatter and lose faith again. With a whirlwind, groups can be split. Followers can be grouped together and can also convert smaller groups to their own religion. The god with the most devotion wins.


I functioned as overal designer, focusing on system, level and UI design. I also created the majority of the UI elements. We really wanted players to clash and fight for resources (followers) so I created a level design in which the players have to cross each other in the middle of the map, which is also where heathens spawn.

The theme of the Global Game Jam was " Ritual". We came up with the idea of having two gods that need followers at their shrine to complete a ritual. The idea of being able to take over smaller groups was partially inspired by Agar.io. Our game has a rock-paper-scissor design since lightning demolishes big groups, while big groups can easily convert smaller groups. And having multiple smaller groups counters the full potential of a lightning strike.